Physical Abuse Series:
Abusive Head Trauma

This e-learning module was created for all health care providers on the “front lines” who treat children for a variety of illnesses and injuries, and, by virtue of doing so, are also vigilant to signs of abuse and neglect. The organization of the Physical Abuse Series: Core Framework module parallels the clinical presentation, progressing from broad categories of presenting complaints that may encompass abuse (recognition of “red flags”), to responding with discerning questions that determine next steps, conducting an age- and injury-specific evaluation including diagnostic tests, documenting the findings, and analyzing the facts to determine the likelihood of abuse, as well as the need for reporting, and additional steps that could further clarify the diagnosis.

The Physical Abuse Series is comprised of this Core Framework and a set of "plug-ins" currently under development. Each additional plug-in module provides in-depth information based on the injury type (e.g., Fractures, Abusive Head Trauma, Cutaneous). One of the first to be released will be the Physical Abuse Series: Mimics plug-in to assist in differential diagnosis.

Clinical vignettes are presented through the Physical Abuse Series to reinforce clinical relevance and applicability of the learning concepts.

Developed in partnership with:
  • Kirsten Bechtel, MD
  • Gunjan Tiyyagura, MD



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