Rachell Ekroos, PhD, APRN-BC, AFN-BC
Center for Nursing Excellence International

Rachell Ekroos is recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally as a forensic nursing leader, particularly for her impact in the areas of clinical services for people affected by violence, multidisciplinary responses to violence, and ethics. Dr. Ekroos is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and a Distinguished Fellow of the International Association of Forensic Nurses. She holds two national board certifications frostyle => "width:100%; margin-top: 50px;m the American Nurses Credentialing Center—one as a Family Nurse Practitioner and the second in Advanced Forensic Nursing.

Having served as a clinical forensic resource and consultant to numerous organizations and government entities, Dr. Ekroos contributes as an adviser or subject matter expert on local, regional, national, and international committees. Her areas of expertise include sexual violence, intimate partner violence, interpersonal violence, multidisciplinary response to violence, and ethics. In addition, she has specialized expertise in the areas of human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and technology-enabled crimes against children.

Dr. Ekroos is committed to achieving excellence through innovative strategies and best practices. Through her analytical approach to solution development, Dr. Ekroos has enacted effective strategies across diverse business models including for-profit, non-profit, academic, and government agencies. Her solutions driven processes incorporate the needs of target populations, data informed best practices, resource availability or scarcity, organizational strategic goals, stakeholder interests, system wide implications, and potential unintended consequences.

Dr. Ekroos maintains a continued commitment to advancing evidence-based practices across the multidisciplinary teams responding to violence or mass disaster and increasing access to services for populations affected by violence. She remains actively involved in addressing social determinants of health involving exposure to violence and advancing ethically sound nursing practices. She continues to engage current partners and develop new relationships to impact practice and policy.

Dr. Ekroos actively mentors up-and-coming nurse leaders to be better positioned to serve as positive change agents across traditional and non-traditional sectors. She is a respected nurse leader whose work is grounded in the core values of personal, professional, and organizational integrity, accountability, respect for persons, and moral courage. Dr. Ekroos welcomes potential collaborations with scholars, students, community partners, governmental agencies, and industry in the overarching areas of violence, forensic nursing, public health, policy, and ethics.